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Undisputed benchmarks in criminal law in the Principality of Andorra

We have extensive experience and a high degree of specialisation in all branches of criminal law, offering the defence of individuals and legal entities or private prosecution.

At Silvestre Advocats we also provide prevention services, especially in the field of economic criminal law and corporate defence, of vital importance for companies, which must comply with the regulations in force beyond civil liability, such as the prevention of money or value laundering and terrorist financing (mainly in regulated businesses), the transposition of Community legislation required by the commitments under the Monetary Agreement with the European Union, as well as following up the recommendations and evaluations of Moneyval (the Council of Europe’s Committee of experts for the evaluation of anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing measures).

  • Representation and legal direction before all criminal courts, including those before the police department, assisting detainees and criminal suspects.


  • Legal representation in criminal matters:
    • against human life
    • against the socio-economic order
    • against sexual freedom
    • against family relations
    • against workers
    • against public health
    • against public order
    • against the Administration of Justice
    • against physical and moral integrity
    • against freedom
    • against honour and privacy
    • against patrimony
    • against collective security
    • against the environment
    • against the Constitution
    • against security in legal transactions


  • Provision of corporate defence and prevention services, especially in the economic field, providing corporate clients with a comprehensive defence against criminal risks affecting companies by means of:
    • continuing staff training
    • multi-jurisdictional criminal analysis for companies
    • criminal risk assessment services and coordination of criminal defences in the jurisdictions where the
    • business activity is carried out
    • supervision of criminal liability in the company
    • forensic criminal defence for companies
    • criminal risk prevention for companies