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Silvestre Advocats Dret Civil

We preserve our clients' property and personal relationships.

The clear differentiation between civil and commercial actions that we offer at Silvestre Advocats, caused by the lack of jurisdiction in commercial law, offers our clients a detailed and quality service.

At Silvestre Advocats we carry out all types of actions of a civil nature, as the law in this area, common to all citizens, regulates the rights and obligations of the individual from birth to death, as well as any particular legal transactions that are excluded from the scope of commercial law, such as private civil companies.


  • Contract negotiation
  • Condominium property
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Leases
  • Claims for payment
  • Obligations and contracts
  • Creation of security interests between private individuals
  • Civil sales and purchases
  • Constitution of usufructs
  • Interdicts of possession