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Silvestre Advocats Dret Administratiu

Transformamos la complejidad técnica de los procesos administrativos en soluciones adecuadas para nuestros clientes a partir de nuestra experiencia jurídica

At Silvestre Advocats, based on our knowledge of the functioning of central and local government procedures, we understand the challenges faced by individuals before public bodies.

Aware of the difficulties that citizens face before the administrations, given the technical complexity of the administrative processes, we provide our clients with the legal knowledge and experience to help them in any matter before the country’s public administrations.


  • Advising the public sector on the preparation and award of public procurement contracts
  • Advising private clients on procurement procedures and the execution of public contracts
  • Advising on public law in regulated sectors (financial, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceuticals and health)
  • Administrative litigation
  • Asset liability of public administrations
  • Appeals against administrative infringements and penalties
  • Proceedings before control and auditing bodies
  • Expropriations
  • Grants and subsidies
  • Urban planning: agreements (negotiation, drafting and processing of urban planning agreements), drafting of plans and allegations